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If Mexican food is so important to your people, then we can not fail to do reference to the places where they eat so many delicacies: restaurants.

Being food most important for society, it is easy to imagine that in Mexico, food is found everywhere. In every town and every town, every morning the corners are taken by an army of "tamales", they usually use a mobile station, which consists of a modified bicycle to be able to carry a large tamal with a charcoal underneath On to keep hot tamales. The latest versions of these mobile outlets are integrated with a megaphone that announces with a singular voice: "There are Oaxacan tamales, there are tamales".

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From there, we go to the taquerias of the corner, these are permanent posts, some in a commercial place, others in fox huts that have stayed in that corner "forever". Usually there are sold tacos of all kinds, starting with the tacos al pastor, of cunt, of nana, tacos head, of luengua, of cheek. They also sell steak tacos, chop tacos and sausage; All of them accompanied by some charcoal-roasted onions, a bunch of lemons and lots of sauce. To drink, then a very cold beer, a Coca-Cola or a tamarind Lulu.

Fondas are small establishments where one can climb, for a small fee, to a more elaborate meal. Different soups and stews are offered daily and are constantly changing menu. The so-called "comida corrida" offered in these places, in a complete menu that consists of fresh water, soup, rice, a stew and a dessert; All this for less than what costs three liters of milk, how do they do it ?; I've always wondered.

From there to the established taquerias and restaurants where they serve all kinds of soups, tacos, stews and mexican antojitos with the difference, that here are good chairs and tables and even tablecloths. The attention is already personalized with a waiter and the dishes are served in beautiful dishes.

At the top of the scale, there are the "gourmet" restaurants of Mexican food. High priced, you can find them occupying old mansions, hotels or typical haciendas that match your culinary skills. In these places you can try the most authentic soft and traditional recipes, as well as a good taco or soup, as in all other places. The prestigious brand tequila is the common appetizer, and a good spicy shrimp broth is offered to start tasting.

The food is part of the life of Mexicans, has a special and social value. That is why, in every corner, in every colony, in every city, food vendors abound that make your business an everyday art, which nurture tradition no matter what budget you bring in the bag.

Chef Veónica

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